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As we continue our efforts in building a nationwide infrastructure for animal disease traceability, U.S. CattleTrace will be promoting the use of ultra-high frequency (UHF) tags. UHF tags not only comply with RFID standards soon to be implemented by the United States Department of Agriculture, but also ensure that we can retain the speed of commerce needed for the cattle industry, with UHF being able to read multiple tags at a time. Below you will find the current companies who offer UHF tags for purchase. 

Premise I.D.: If you plan to use UHF tags as Premise I.D. for your livestock, be sure to contact your state animal health official and register accordingly. 

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Fort Supply Technology

Ultra High Frequency

Large Tags


Z Tags/Temple Tags

(Datamars) Identifast® UHF

Ultra High Frequency

Large Tags


Ultra High Frequency

Large and Button Tags


UltraFeedlot UHF Tag