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Become a member of U.S. CattleTrace

What does U.S. CattleTrace do?

U.S. CattleTrace is focused on continuing to develop a nationwide infrastructure for an effective disease traceability system. As part of the system, cow-calf producers apply Ultra High Frequency (UHF) tags in their calves before leaving the ranch. The tags are then read at points of commingling such as auction markets, feedyards, and the packer. At each of these points, a “sighting” is recorded in the secure, third-party U.S. CattleTrace database, which is governed by the producer Board of Directors. A sighting is made up of only four minimal data points- tag identification number, date, time, and location.

How do we participate as an allied industry member?

Join U.S. CattleTrace and our cattle industry members in building a nationally significant animal disease traceability system. The following benefits are available to our allied industry members:

  • Networking with a diverse, progressive set of producers from the cow-calf, feedyard and auction market segments within the cattle industry.

    • Cow-Calf producers representing 13 states

    • Feedyards with a total one-time capacity of approximately 2.2 million head of cattle

    • Auction Markets who annually market approximately a total of 1.9 million head of cattle

  • The opportunity to be a sponsor of U.S. CattleTrace events and activities.

  • The opportunity to have a booth at the annual U.S. CattleTrace Symposium.

  • Be informed on the forefront of issues related to animal disease traceability in the United States.

  • Tax deductible membership 



Membership levels are based upon gross revenue of allied industry member


UP TO $1 Million                   $1,000 Membership Fee

    $1 Million to $5 Million         $2,500 Membership Fee    

$5 Million to $10 Million       $5,000 Membership Fee

$10 Million +                         $7,500 Membership Fee

For more information about how to become an allied industry member or sponsorship opportunities for U.S. CattleTrace, contact us at  or (785) 821-1082.

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