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The Economics of Cattle Traceability and Potential for Value-Added

James Mitchell is an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness at the University of Arkansas and an extension livestock economist with the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. Mitchell leads integrated extension and research programs that address issues that span the livestock and meat supply chain. His extension programming primarily focuses on livestock marketing and risk management. Mitchell's recent research has focused on biosecurity and foreign animal diseases, cattle traceability and identification, price discovery in fed cattle markets, and beef and livestock trade.

RFID Technology & the Operational Benefits with Phil Lawler

A leader in precision livestock management solutions, Fort Supply Technologies enables beef operations to meet consumer demand for safe and sustainable food, while improving overall productivity. Phil Lawler of Fort Supply Technologies discussed insights on the use of RFID technology for tracking value added traits as well as presented the Dual Tracker system, the beef industry’s first and only dual frequency EID reading solution (patent pending).

Group Encourages Voluntary Electronic Tag Program

At one time, a trained eye was able to identify individual animals in the field. Ear tags have made a big difference in day-to-day management. But the increased demand for specific genetics and disease tracking has some farmers investing in an upgrade.

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Cattle Producers Now Have Easier Access to Animal Disease Traceability Tool

In an effort to create robust transparency in food safety and traceability for possible animal diseases,  cattle producers will now have easier access to RFID tags. 

U.S. CattleTrace is unveiling a new store for producers to buy RFID tags. CattleTrace says these types of tags can be difficult to find and buy in an online setting, which is why and it created the tag store.

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