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What was the CattleTrace Pilot Project?

In early 2018, the CattleTrace collaborators began working to develop a purpose-built infrastructure to track cattle movement through the supply chain. CattleTrace utilized ultra-high frequency technologies to collect the minimal data necessary, including an individual animal identification number, a GPS location, and date and time, to track animals in the event of a disease outbreak. Tag readers were be located at producers’ operations, livestock markets, feed yards and beef processors. The CattleTrace Inc. Pilot Project was a collaborative partnership between Kansas State University, the Kansas Livestock Association, the Kansas Department of Agriculture, USDA, and individual producer stakeholders. It was jointly funded by public and private resources.

GOAL: The goal for the CattleTrace Pilot Project for Animal Disease Traceability in Kansas was to:

  • Develop a purpose-built infrastructure for an animal disease traceability system,

  • Evaluate the infrastructure,

  • Determine the value proposition of the system at each production segment and across the industry.

CattleTrace Pilot Project Findings 

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