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Become a member of U.S. CattleTrace

What does U.S. CattleTrace do?

U.S. CattleTrace is focused on continuing to develop a nationwide infrastructure for an effective disease traceability system. As part of the system, cattle producers apply Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) tags in their calves before leaving the ranch. The tags are then read at points of commingling such as auction markets, feedyards, and the packer. At each of these points, a “sighting” is recorded in the secure, third-party U.S. CattleTrace database, which is governed by the producer Board of Directors. A sighting is made up of only four minimal data points- tag identification number, date, time, and location.

How do I as a producer participate?

Participation from producers in the form of applying UHF tags in their calves will be key to the future expansion. If you currently utilize RFID technology in the form of Low Frequency (button) tags, contact us to see how we can accept your data in a standardized format. The purpose-built infrastructure of this system has the potential to add value to your operation in ways including but not limited to inventory management, animal health management, and enhanced domestic and international trade. For additional information regarding value-add opportunities, we can connect you with our partners.  

We also welcome you to become a member of U.S. CattleTrace. As we transition to a fully operational company, data management will be overseen by the board with direction from the membership. In order to track membership within our organization, we are offering a membership for dairy cattle producers that offers a wide range of benefits.

Proactive participation in U.S. CattleTrace enables you to be at the forefront of this industry-driven initiative and influence the future of an expanded traceability system in the U.S. cattle industry. We thank you in advance for your consideration for participation in U.S. CattleTrace.

What benefits does membership provide?

  • Opportunity to participate in building a nationally significant animal disease traceability system.

  • Networking opportunities with fellow dairy, cow-calf, auction market and feedyard members throughout the year. (Examples include- U.S. CattleTrace Annual Golf Tournament and Members Only Social at the Annual Symposium.)

  • Recognition as a member in the U.S. CattleTrace Membership Directory. (Membership Directory is an exclusive directory that only members of U.S. CattleTrace have access to.)

  • Membership Monthly Newsletter – stay informed with what is current with U.S. CattleTrace and animal disease traceability.

  • Discount for one registration to the annual U.S. CattleTrace Symposium.

  • Voting rights – will get the opportunity to vote on board leadership.  

  • Access to educational webinars throughout the year. Topics will vary but will be relevant to the cow-calf segment of the industry.

U.S. CattleTrace Membership Application

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