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U.S. CattleTrace Announces 2024 Symposium to Advance Animal Disease Traceability

(WAMEGO, KS) - U.S. CattleTrace is thrilled to unveil plans for the 2024 U.S. CattleTrace Symposium, set to take place on November 18 and 19 at the American Royal Complex in Kansas City. This eagerly anticipated two-day event will gather prominent industry leaders, producers and technology experts to propel voluntary animal disease traceability into the future.

The symposium serves as a pivotal platform for exchanging knowledge and driving innovation within animal disease traceability. Emphasizing collaboration, unity, and education, attendees will engage in an immersive experience aimed at shaping the trajectory of the beef cattle industry. Building upon the success of the 2023 tabletop exercise, participants will delve into current animal disease traceability response tools in the U.S. and contribute insights towards enhancing future responses through a voluntary contact tracing approach.

"We are excited to host the 2024 U.S. CattleTrace Symposium, where stakeholders from across the industry can come together to explore the latest advancements and strategies in animal disease traceability," said Callahan Grund, Executive Director at U.S. CattleTrace. "This symposium underscores our commitment to fostering collaboration and leveraging technology to safeguard animal health and industry sustainability."

More details, including the comprehensive agenda and registration information, will soon be available at Industry professionals, stakeholders, and interested parties are encouraged to visit the website regularly for updates.

About U.S. CattleTrace: U.S. CattleTrace is dedicated to enhancing animal disease traceability through innovative solutions and collaboration across the beef cattle industry. By uniting stakeholders and leveraging technology, U.S. CattleTrace aims to safeguard animal health and strengthen industry resilience.


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