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New member named to U.S. CattleTrace board, U.S CattleTrace highlighted in the news, and more.

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

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We are pleased to announce that Ken Griner with Usher Land and Timber, Inc is now the eighth member of the U.S. CattleTrace, Inc. Board of Directors. Ken is the co-owner and operator of Usher Land and Timber located in Chiefland, FL, and will be representing the cow-calf sector on the U.S. CattleTrace Board. Established in August 2018, the CattleTrace Board has increased to eight members, and they are tasked with setting the protocol of who, how and when the data is accessed for animal disease traceability. Other members include Brandon Depenbusch with Innovative Livestock Services, Tom Jones with Hy-Plains Feedyard, Wes Killion with Beef Northwest, Mark Gardiner with Gardiner Angus Ranch, Ken Stielow with Bar S Ranch, Neil Bouray with Mankato Livestock Inc, and Joe Leathers with 6666 Ranch. Welcome to the team, Ken!

U.S. CattleTrace in the News

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The Highway System in Action – The BlockTrust Network

Since the launch of CattleTrace in June 2018, we have emphasized we are building the highway system, meaning the tags and readers, for others to utilize for value added programs. In an effort to highlight the producers and/or organizations capitalizing on this infrastructure, we will periodically provide a snapshot of the various entities adding value throughout the supply chain while contributing to and supporting the U.S. CattleTrace (USCT) disease traceability system. Keep in mind these programs and initiatives are utilizing the same tags and readers as USCT, but the data, such as health information, genetics, etc., is housed in a separate database. The first initiative to highlight is the BlockTrust Network, powered by PowerCalf. A group of cattle producers, feedyards and other industry leaders teamed up with a software solutions firm specializing in blockchain to create a “real-time” livestock transparency network. The purpose is to provide greater value to producers by giving them access to data, enabling them to make better decisions and increase the value of their product. They are now in the third phase of a four phase pilot project, with the third phase focused on tracking approximately 45,000 head of cattle from birth to slaughter. Phase four will be an industry-wide launch. If you are interested in learning more, please visit their website at or call Mike John with PowerCalf at 573-808-6535.


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